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What a difference a Woosa makes.

Posted by on January 15, 2012

So, for those of you that havent watched Bad Boys 2, shame on you ;) Woosa comes from there and if you havent watched this epic film, you will have no idea what Im talking about, but since Im nice I wont make you google it, because what youll find are youtube videos and a one line answer on Yahoo Answers which I love and it sums it up pretty nicely: from bad boys 2…a form of meditation/relaxation.

Meditation, isnt this a phenomenal thing? We get to just sit in one position and be still, be quiet. It can be for a moment, it can be for an hour…whatever you can spare. You get to reflect INWARDS and when in our busy, high paced lives do we ever tune IN?? We are always go go going OUT, moving OUTWARDS, reflecting OUTWARDLY. Is it just me, or isnt this true?

Alright so we agree meditation is a great thing. Now, this is what happened to me that actually showed me OBJECTIVE data, for me, that meditation really does impact your health. As you know, anything that impacts your health, my ears perk up big time!! So, as you know I had my first naturopathic appointment in over a year (more coming as to why that is later) on Monday and what my homework was, was to keep a diet diary and record my pulse after each meal. So, Monday after the appointment, no worries, Im recording my pulse after lunch and after dinner. Got into the groove of this thing, I got this, this isnt hard homework…thanks Ted! And then on Tuesday morning, I wake to work out at 6:45am and I come back and want to check what my pulse is, just to compare. So, its 84 when I get back up to my apartment, this is probably 15 minutes after I get off the elliptical. And then I sit and say my morning prayers and I MEDITATE. Not for long, maybe 10 minutes that morning. I take my pulse right after and guess what it is?? 64!!!! What a drop?!!! What a decline from 84 to 10 minutes of meditation and we have a pulse of 64…I was truly amazed!! Maybe there is some real health benefits to meditation after all…and I saw it first hand for myself.

So my advice…take a little Woosa moment for yourself ;)

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